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About Us

We are professional caregivers, offering our services to the elderly of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. We know that selecting a caregiver for your loved ones is not an easy task, as you have to pick someone you can trust; and who will provide your loved one with the best services. Many families find themselves in a confused state at this point, but once you join hands with us, we will be able to provide your loved ones with the best home care service in town.

With our senior care services we can offer you with a various range of services. Keeping your needs in mind, we can either offer you services around the clock, or just for a few hours each day. We can design a tailored plan just for you, so you do not have to worry about anything. We understand your reason for hiring a personal caregiver for your loved ones, and we make sure that our caregivers are offering them the best services.

Home care is something that is personal and important to us, as we and each and every member of our team is emotionally connected to it. We take pride in the services and the level of service we offer. To ensure that we keep giving out such services, we have hired a team of experienced professional, who are well trained to provide your loved ones with the best home care services. We strongly believe that loved ones should be able to maintain the level of independence they can manage, and with the help of our caregivers and services; we will ensure that they can enjoy the comfort of their home for as long as they can. Being able to stay at home will offer them with support from the family, and the ability to stay active and independent. As our caregivers will be taking care of the major work they have to ensure they have all the help they need.

Our CareGivers offer services which include, but are not limited to:

– Companionship and conversations, to keep their mind going; and to ensure that they are not left alone,
– Our caregivers offer meal preparation and feeding them.
– They will be able to take care of light housekeeping, to ensure that they are not making a mess in the process of care giving.
– Washing the laundry and linen of caretaker.
– Will run small errands for the caretaker.
– Will drive them to doctor appointments, shopping, and other appointments.
– Offer recreational activities, so they feel pampered.
– Along with personal care services, such as grooming, bathing, dressing, medication reminders, and incontinence care.


We as Angels Caregivers, are offering your loved ones the care they deserve. We can provide you with the services mentioned below in your home, a hospital, or a nursing home. The basic services we offer your loved ones are

Conversation and companionship

where we will ensure that they are not left alone with their thoughts. So we will keep them engaged in conversation, so they can enjoy our company. It is highly important for an older being to have company, as they can get dull if they are not getting enough attention.

Meal preparation and feeding

our caregivers are trained to cook, so they will be able to whip up what they are asking for; or what the doctor has suggested. Once we have cooked the meal we can even feed them if they would like, or if they are unable to feed themselves.

Light housekeeping

we are here to help you, and not add to your mess. So we will ensure that we clean up after ourselves; and after your loved one. This will ensure that your home is neat and tidy at all times. Which will automatically reduce the risk of catching germs.

Laundry and linen washing

we will take on full responsibility of washing the laundry and linen of your loved one. This will ensure that they have plenty of clean clothes and linen to be comfortable. As when you at such an age, you want things done specifically; or they want something specific.

Recreational activities

 it is highly important to keep their minds sharp, and by encouraging them to take part in activities that they enjoy we can keep them healthy for a longer period of time. These activities could be anything that brings them pleasure, or they consider fun.

Errand services

we will run small errands for your loved one, so they do not feel like no-one of their work is being done. We can run to get their medication, or some specific food, etc.


we will be more than happy to drive them to and from their appointments. No matter if it is a doctor’s appointment, beauty appointment, shopping, etc.

Personal care services

we will be happy to assist them with bathing, dressing, grooming, incontinence care, and to remind them to take their medication.

We assist with the following cares

Apart from the basic services mentioned above, we will also offer these services to your loved ones. So you know, they are getting the best care in town. We will assist them, and encourage them to:

● Stand by assist with walking, wheelchair, Hoyer lift, and gait belt
● Encourage movement
● Assist at appointments and run small errands
● Bathing/General skin care
● Dressing/ Hygiene
● Assist to bathroom/ Catheter care
● Oral care/ Shaving
● Medical assistant
● Meal preparation/ Feeding
● Housekeeping/ Laundry
● Activities
● Emotional support/ Companionship

Specialize In

We have a team of qualified, experienced, and well trained caregivers who can specifically help your loved one improve their:

● Behaviors
● Memory Care
● Hospice Care
● Long Term Care
● Hospitals
● Group Homes
● Nursing Homes
● Mental institutions